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Focus the Thinking >> Forward the Action

Bright people who like to help.

Debbie Glover

Sales – Service – Change

Debbie leads many of our efforts in designing and delivering sales, service, coaching and change management workshops. Debbie’s extensive experience in major Canadian Financial Institutions and her deeply held belief in the importance of adult education make her perfect for this role.

She is calm, emphatic, experienced and knowledgeable – workshop participants love working with her and so do we.

Gary T. Furlong

Interest Based Negotiations

Gary is one of the top mediators in Canada. He is also one of the leading teachers in Interest Based Negotiating, Managing in a Union Environment, Partnering and Conflict Resolution. He authored the book “The Conflict Resolution Toolbox”, the best book I’ve ever read on the practical management of conflict.

Multi-faceted, entertaining and both highly intelligent and hands-on practical, Gary has been a valued partner, friend and business associate for over 25 years.

Jules Goss

Organizational Design

We started working with Jules on how to apply design principles to organizational challenges over 10 years ago and in that time he has turned our heads around.

Jules’s insights and hands-on experience as to how design can optimize business processes are being tested with great success in the healthcare industry through his work at Baycrest Hospital and in industry and education through his teaching and research at OCAD.

Paul Juniper

Human Resources

Through his work as the Executive Director of the Queen’s University Industrial Relations Centre, Paul is leading the advancement of skills and professional capabilities in the Human Resources field – Human Resources Strategy; Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy; Advanced Human Resources; Strategic Workforce Planning and more.

Paul is one of the leading thinkers, researchers, lecturers and teachers in the field and it is our honour to work closely with him as an associate on our team.