Talent Management
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Talent Management

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Human Resources Strategies

Linking HR Strategy to Business Strategy

HR professionals need to connect the investment in HR directly to an organization’s value proposition. They need to be able to show how HR practices have a direct impact on revenue growth, cost and risk management.

Using HR Metrics and Analytics to Improve Business Results

The world is now awash with data and there is a tidal wave coming. HR professionals have to be able to analyze data and shape compelling stories around HR’s value to the business and how HR can help drive business change. We can help with the analytical tools, skills and understanding needed in today’s accelerated business environment.

High-Performance Coaching

We teach coaching. In addition, we spend much of our time individually coaching leaders, executives and sales people. Great performers need great coaches.

Managing Change and Innovation

All change requires new learning. In new learning we feel incompetent until we are comfortable with and committed to that change. Change is both factual and emotional. We have proven approaches and structured programs to help leaders initiate innovation and change, and manage the full organizational commitment.

The new Human Resources Professional

“HR professionals have to be business professionals.

They need to understand how HR drives business success and they need to be able to analyze, shape and present the relevant data to fully convey that value.”