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Focus the Thinking >> Forward the Action

Strategy: An Articulated Plan

Strategies are like fractal geometry – what applies for the largest business applies as well for the smallest. Every organization, company or department needs a strategy if they want to both accomplish their financial goals and create a place where people love to work.

Here’s where we can help;

Business Strategies

Businesses run on three elements: Revenue, Cost and Risk. A good strategy addresses all three. We can help you both form that strategy and ensure the entire organization is aligned to it.

HR Strategies

The importance of Human Resources is escalating in complexity and potential impact. We can help you form a strategy that directly connects to and has a business impact on your company’s strategy.


Partnerships formed for large projects, joint ventures, departmental relationships or customer vendor initiatives are becoming more common and more important to every organizations success. We have a structured partnering process that can launch a strong partnership or put a failing partnership back on track.

High-Impact Design and Innovation

Elegant, efficient design accelerates results – for strategy, organizations, processes and for Innovation in all of these areas and others. We get excited by cool new things. We can help you find that excitement – and help you build disciplined processes to develop and implement relevant, dynamic new ideas.


“An articulated plan to optimize the use of your people and resources to achieve your goals.”