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Focus the Thinking >> Forward the Action

Sales Training

We don’t have off-the-shelf programs – we think they waste our time and your money. Instead, we build training and coaching programs with you to align with your strategy and build on the strengths of your culture. At the core of all sales is your qualified staff having meaningful conversations with your customers about their specific needs and how your company can help them prosper.

Sales Management and Coaching

Management and coaching of sales staff needs to focus on clarifying and implementing strategy and on building on the strengths that brought sales team members into their roles.

Interest-Based Negotiating

All strong negotiating and sales grow from a base of common interest between you and your best customers. Our Interest-Based Negotiating program focuses on forging common interest and building win-win partnerships.

Large Deal and Account Acceleration

We have had success in helping account teams go after and win large deals with their biggest customers. Through a focused process and flexible coaching we draw on the strengths and talent of your full team.


“Sales training and sales management have to align with your strategy and fit your culture.

Culture will eat your strategy and destroy your training investment if the three are not aligned.”